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Field Trip Packages

Teachers, Educators, & Group Leaders:  As your #1 field trip destination, Zoosiana proudly offers three field trip packages that are designed with you in mind.

V.I.P. Passport!  ***Our most popular!***

$8 per student and $11 per adult
The VIP Passport gives your group admission to the Zoo plus two of the following options: Safari Express Train Ride Ticket, ZooLive Animal Show Ticket, 2 feed sticks for the Parakeet Aviary, Snowball, or Popcorn.

Hungry Hippo Passport!

$11 per student and $14 per adult
The Hungry Hippo Passport gives your students everything the VIP Passport offers, plus a Monkey Meal to feed all of your hungry mouths!  (Monkey Meals will be ready at the Critter Cafe' and include a hot dog, a bag of chips, and an 8 oz. Sprite.)

Passport! (Admission only; additional amenities available below)

$4.50 per student and $7.50 per adult
The Passport gives guests the enjoyment of all of the wonderful animals and exhibits at the Zoo, including the Jungle Lodge Playground!

Additional Amenities

Additional amenities can be purchased individually:
  • ZooLive Animal Show Ticket: $2 each
  • Parakeet Feed Sticks (2 stick bundle): $2 (for two sticks)
  • Snowball (regular): $2 each
  • Popcorn: $2 each
  • Monkey Meal: $3 each


We love our teachers!
Groups of 10-20 students get 1 FREE teach VIP Passport or Passport package and groups of 20 or more students get 1 FREE teacher VIP Passport or Passport package for every 20 students. Please make sure to include teachers in the Monkey Meal count; teachers will only receive Zoo Admission and the same two amenity options as their group at no cost.  Please be sure to include $3 for teachers that would like to enjoy a Monkey Meal provided by the Zoo.  Save time and have your final count and payment ready when you arrive at the Zoo - it's that easy!
Your bus drivers get a free Passport - it's that easy, too!


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