Zoosiana conservation efforts

A visit to Zoosiana is fun, exciting, and memorable.  In addition to all of the enjoyment we have on any given day, we keep focus on a very important concept: wildlife conservation.

Zoosiana is an accredited member of the Zoological Association of America (ZAA).  ZAA promotes the responsible management and conservation of animals.  Through our involvement with ZAA, we have helped to support these organizations:
  • International Rhino Foundation
  • Cheetah Conservation Botswana
  • Black-footed Cat Working Group
  • Projecto Carnivoros Do Niassa
  • Zambian Carnivore Programme
  • International Elephant Foundation
By having zoos like Zoosiana as members, ZAA is able to assist with responsible conservation efforts around the world.  We are proud to be a contributor.  

Furthermore, Zoosiana does its part with its own breeding and preservation of endangered species.  Many endangered and critically endangered animals (including some classified as being "extinct in the wild") live at Zoosiana.  We work with other zoos through formal breeding programs to ensure the survival of as many species as we can.  Finally, education is just as important:

"We will only conserve what we love.  We will only love what we understand.  We will only understand what we are taught."

How can you help?
We are always willing to seriously discuss adding animals to our programs.  Through the non-profit Friends of the Zoo, individual donors and corporations can fund projects to acquire animals and build habitats right here at Zoosiana.  Not only will the appropriate animals be well cared for, but the children and families of Acadiana will be able to see first hand these beautiful and, unfortunately, endangered species as we work on the animals' behalf.  We hope you will consider starting or getting involved with a project like this, right here at Zoosiana.



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